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What price hope?

It really is interesting the things people say when they learn that you have a serious, inevitably terminal disease. I mean – what can one say? “So sorry, enjoy your final days” ….. probably not. “Bummer, glad it’s not me!” … Continue reading

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You have what?

……… It’s odd having a fatal disease when you look okay . Its early stages so I don’t look sick. I feel dodgy but I can’t put my finger on what it is that I feel, but everyone around seems … Continue reading

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Live better? How??

I have just spent a good few hours watching you tube clips about Ikaria – the island where people forget to die. I was led to watch these by reading heavily about this place – and was led to reading … Continue reading

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The real killer.

I have formed a belief over the years that the main problem in maintaining health is stress. Stress is often called “The silent killer.” I believe this to be true, and I, like many countless people over time have sought … Continue reading

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