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Tomorrow is our grandson’s birthday – he will be 2 years old. In a couple of weeks time I will be 70 years old. The circle of life continues. Young Hamish has his whole life ahead of him. He has … Continue reading

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Yonks and yonks

It seems an age since I wrote in this blog, and indeed it is. Why is that? Maybe it is because I have been feeling better since January. No chemo, results since transplant good, no treatment for a while. It … Continue reading

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Yesterday I was walking across our block in the country and was attracted by intensely loud buzzing sounds coming from some shrubs I had planted a few years back as small saplings. Now these shrubs are two metres high and … Continue reading

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Celebration – we all know what it means and we all find excuses to celebrate – or do we? I think that there is a danger as we trek through life that the moments of celebration grow fewer and fewer, … Continue reading

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Precious moments.

Ah yes, those precious moments, the ones that flash past our eyes in our dreams, the ones that remind us of the magic that was in our lives. These moments may last but seconds but they are, indeed, the things … Continue reading

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The summer of ’65.

I was listening to Bryan Adams recently, and one of my favourite songs – “The summer of ’69” made me prick up my ears and listen more intently than usual. I’m sure you all know this classic song and love … Continue reading

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Kill or cure?

In days gone by doctors/surgeons/apothecaries had often novel ways to deal with sickness. One of these was the use of leeches to suck blood from the poor hapless victim of illness. Occasionally this was useful – as in the leeches … Continue reading

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You have what?

……… It’s odd having a fatal disease when you look okay . Its early stages so I don’t look sick. I feel dodgy but I can’t put my finger on what it is that I feel, but everyone around seems … Continue reading

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Live better? How??

I have just spent a good few hours watching you tube clips about Ikaria – the island where people forget to die. I was led to watch these by reading heavily about this place – and was led to reading … Continue reading

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My mothers maiden name was Robinson. This is of no real consequence except that to people stranded on desert islands the name may have some significance. People stranded on desert islands need a certain approach to life if survival is … Continue reading

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