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My Skoda.

Nowadays Skoda cars are well thought of and stylish. They are,after all, made by VW. This was not always so. Skoda does have a proud history of making stylish and popular cars since the turn of the 20th Century, but … Continue reading

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Yonks and yonks

It seems an age since I wrote in this blog, and indeed it is. Why is that? Maybe it is because I have been feeling better since January. No chemo, results since transplant good, no treatment for a while. It … Continue reading

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The big sho(r)t

Last week we went to see the movie “The big short”. As you probably know it is about the global financial crisis caused by the greed and willingness to be less than honest of bankers. This of course led to … Continue reading

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It never rains…………..

……………. but it pours. Have you heard that saying? ….. Or :- “It never rains in southern California” (with thanks to Albert Hammond). Here in Western Australia it is winter. No snow for us, even frosts are unusual, but what … Continue reading

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Where have I been?

It is a long time since my last post on this site. I will not use this page to catalogue what has been happening – simply too much, too complex, too distressing. But I  am back, although finding it hard … Continue reading

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Precious moments.

Ah yes, those precious moments, the ones that flash past our eyes in our dreams, the ones that remind us of the magic that was in our lives. These moments may last but seconds but they are, indeed, the things … Continue reading

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The summer of ’65.

I was listening to Bryan Adams recently, and one of my favourite songs – “The summer of ’69” made me prick up my ears and listen more intently than usual. I’m sure you all know this classic song and love … Continue reading

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End of life ?

I’m going a bit philosophical this blog. Asking the question – what constitutes the end of life? A week ago my father passed away – died. His living life ended. He died in hospital peacefully following a short illness. He … Continue reading

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That bucket list.

After dinner talk amongst friends in convivial situations  often leads to that regular subject ….  “what would you put on your ‘bucket list’? Greatly interesting insights into friends can emerge from such discussions, and we all have had, I am … Continue reading

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Kill or cure?

In days gone by doctors/surgeons/apothecaries had often novel ways to deal with sickness. One of these was the use of leeches to suck blood from the poor hapless victim of illness. Occasionally this was useful – as in the leeches … Continue reading

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