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Tomorrow is our grandson’s birthday – he will be 2 years old. In a couple of weeks time I will be 70 years old. The circle of life continues. Young Hamish has his whole life ahead of him. He has … Continue reading

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latest entry …… new ideas.

Yet again too long in posting. Going through much – physically, mentally, but it has led me to a slight change in view point. The heart problems worsen, the Myeloma seems to be doing better, despite the side effects of … Continue reading

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The big sho(r)t

Last week we went to see the movie “The big short”. As you probably know it is about the global financial crisis caused by the greed and willingness to be less than honest of bankers. This of course led to … Continue reading

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Out with the old, in with the new.

It is now 2016, and all around the world millions of people will have made their annual ‘New Year Resolutions’. Many, if not most, of these resolutions will not last the year out. It is a bit of fun, a … Continue reading

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A new year.

This is being written on new years eve 2015 – 2016 looms. The end of the most challenging year of my life. I has been a lengthy period since my last blog, caused by treatment induced lack of enthusiasm. I … Continue reading

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The world.

What is the world? How big is it? How long will it last? Where do we fit into it? For people many thousands, even hundreds, of years ago, the world was very simple – it consisted of their hut, their … Continue reading

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It never rains…………..

……………. but it pours. Have you heard that saying? ….. Or :- “It never rains in southern California” (with thanks to Albert Hammond). Here in Western Australia it is winter. No snow for us, even frosts are unusual, but what … Continue reading

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Celebration – we all know what it means and we all find excuses to celebrate – or do we? I think that there is a danger as we trek through life that the moments of celebration grow fewer and fewer, … Continue reading

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Where have I been?

It is a long time since my last post on this site. I will not use this page to catalogue what has been happening – simply too much, too complex, too distressing. But I  am back, although finding it hard … Continue reading

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What price hope?

It really is interesting the things people say when they learn that you have a serious, inevitably terminal disease. I mean – what can one say? “So sorry, enjoy your final days” ….. probably not. “Bummer, glad it’s not me!” … Continue reading

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