About me.

Born post war Britain, educated in UK.

Masters degree in Education from University of Nottingham.
Worked as an Educator and Manager UK, USA, Hong Kong.
Lived in UK, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, and now in Western Australia.

Interested in life, its complexities, its meaning, its purpose. All the more so since my health situation deteriorated. I survived a massive heart attack a couple of years ago, and  all is well on that front. However, I now have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma… a rather nasty form of Leukemia. As one would expect I am not happy about this but I am trying to be positive. This blog is one of the ways I am aiming to manage the situation in my mind. Hopefully people who read it will find it as therapeutic as I hope to do.


1 Response to About me.

  1. Akashic Liz says:

    I miss your calm and rational voice Dave and your very dry sense of humour. Til we meet again my friend, adieu.

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